Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bunches o' Greyhounds!

Tracy and I went to a Greyhound Meet-n-Greet being held at a local PetsMart. We showed up right as they were getting started... before any 'hounds had even showed up. Within minutes, the first carload arrived. A gal brought her three to woo the crowd... a sweet black/brindle female, a fawn-brindle male, and a red-fawn male... gorgeous dogs, but a bit riled up at first. The female was quite animated!

As I was kneeling down getting hugs and kisses from the crew (the dogs), a new nose introduced itself to me... then I heard someone say "O'Neal'. I thought... I know that name... turns out, a coworker and her husband brought their Greyound, (O'Neal) as well. He was fawn with just a tad of black around the muzzle, beautiful black-lined eyes, and a incredible coat. The owners were surprised how well he took to me... he's normally a bit shy around strangers.

The owner had asked me where I'd boarded Suzy when I went on vacation... I told her about the Duckpond Kennels, but said that I might be able to dogsit depending on when they were going to be out-of-town. After meeting O'Neal, he's definitely staying with me... such a super sweet boy. They said he doesn't play with toys... I guess I'll have to teach him the joys of de-squeaking them and tearing them asunder.

Seeing all these wonderful 'hounds really made me miss Suzy... seeing her personality develop over the years, the games we played, and our daily routine. I miss having her nose-up behind me and poke her head between my legs just to say 'Hi!' I miss sharing french-fries with her, and having her politely wait while I ate just for the chance to lick the bowl...

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Deb said...

I miss Suzy too! I was just showing Moize pictures of her yesterday and I told him that she was my ideal greyhound ... the reason I got Vaughn. M liked her more femininie snout! And it's true: no one could tear up a squeakie faster than she could! Dog kisses to you!!!